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How to get the most from your Pono Wellness Spa Experience 
Please fill out your intake form that was emailed with your appointment confirmation.  If you were not able to fill out your intake form prior to your appt. please arrive 10-15 min early to fill one out.  This enables your massage therapist to prepare for your massage.
Come well hydrated, avoid alcohol and heavy meals before your massage.

Infrared Sauna
Come at least 15 min before your scheduled session fills out your sauna intake form, change and get settled.  Come well hydrated and avoid alcohol and heavy meals before your Sauna Session.  We advise that you bring a plastic water bottle to refill at our hydration station.  If you have any health concerns please check with your Dr. before having an Infrared Sauna Session.  If you feel in any way unwell before or during your session please step out and end your session and reschedule for another day.

Jetted Soaking Tubs
Come at least 10 min before your scheduled session to change and get settled. Come well hydrated and avoid alcohol and heavy meals before your soaking session. We advise that you bring a plastic water bottle to refill at our hydration station.   

Amenities at Pono Wellness Spa
  • 3 single massage treatment rooms
  • Couples massage treatment room
  • Indoor infrared sauna
  • Outdoor infrared sauna
  • Filtered water hydration station
  • Private single tub soaking room
  • Private couples 2 tub soaking room
  • Indoor relaxation oasis with zero-gravity chairs
  • Outdoor relaxation area with upholstered chaise lounges, chairs.
  • Noah’s bistro and Maurizio’s will deliver food for your enjoyment on the patio (Sorry, no alcoholic beverages on site).
  • We provide robes, towels and secured lockers on request. 
  • Bring your own sandals.
  • How do I schedule a massage?
    From our website or call the spa (408) 612-8835, please leave a message if we’ve stepped away from the phone while helping other clients.
  • How far in advance should I schedule a massage?
    We advise that you book at least a week in advance but demand varies and sometime we have cancellations that make appointment times available.
  • How do I book an Infrared Sauna session?
    Please call for to book your Sauna session (408) 612-8835. To insure comfortable capacity limits so everyone can enjoy their Sauna experience. Please note your preference for indoor or outdoor Saunas so that we can prepare your preferred Sauna as capacity permits.
  • How do I book a Soaking session?
    Please call to book your Soaking session (408) 612-8835. This insures your soak and other scheduled appointments give you adequate time to enjoy your soak.
  • Can massage sessions be scheduled outside of business hours?
    We do accommodate clients outside of business hours on an individual basis and Therapists availability permits.
  • Does the Massage, Soak and Suanas need to be in any particular order?"
    You can create any combination of therapies you wish as therapists and facilities permit.
  • What are your cancelation and rescheduling policy?
    We require a 24 hour Cancellation notice. You can cancel or reschedule your appointment online, from your confirmation notification, our website or call the spa (408) 612-8835. if we miss your call please be sure to leave a message with the specifics of your appointment.
  • What do I need to bring for a Infrared Sauna or Soak?
    If you are planning to use the Infrared Sauna please bring your bathing suit and a plastic water bottle. Be sure to be well hydrated and read our sauna Precautions on our sauna intake form. Our Soaking tubs are private so no need for a bathing suit. Please come well hydrated. We provide towels and robes for your convenience and have water bottles for sale if you need one.
  • When are you open?
    Tuesday - Friday 10 -6 Saturday 10-5. Call us to book evenings or early mornings.
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